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Our Mission

Second Chance Opportunities is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing supportive services to people in recovery from substance use disorder. Our mission is to bridge the gap between treatment and a life centered in Recovery.

About Us

Second Chance Opportunities is a Janitorial Company that employs individuals in Recovery from substance use disorder. We currently have a number of janitorial contracts in the Capital Region and surrounding areas, which allow us to employ 80+ employees and maintain above an 85% disability hiring rate.


In addition to providing employment to individuals in recovery from substance use disorder, they are offered financial rehabilitation, recovery coaching, housing opportunities, medical referrals, and community engagement. Each employee receives services custom based on their needs which help them achieve any of their future life goals. With support and engagement, we are able to improve not only the individual's life but also impact the communities they live in.


Second Chance Opportunities, Inc. engages with treatment providers, local support groups and recovery friendly businesses to help remove the stigma associated with substance use disorder. We have created an advocacy group, Friends of Recovery-Albany County to help advocate and engage with the community. This group is made of people in recovery, their families, friends and any other community recovery friendly community members. 



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